Marine Fonteyne - fotógrafa profissional

Marine Fonteyne

I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years. I studied at the fashion photography school of Ricardo Bauer in Milan where I worked on the market of Wedding Destination industry area during the past 10 years not only as a professional photographer, but also as a consultant. I specialize myself taking photographs of pregnant women, newborn babies, engagements, bar-mitzvahs, pre-weddings, weddings and families.

I work with a small team of passionate and talented photographers who are always ready to capture with art the rites and the events of the diverse cultures worldwide.

During my photography work I am always careful to capture records “fine-art“, and also harmonizing the deepest essence of each person through the concept: ” Be yourself. “

I had the opportunity to receive some international awards through the largest associations of “Wedding Photojournalism” such as:, and as well as the famous American magazine: Brides Magazine!

I worked also for 10 years in publicity advertising with (BBDO, Y&R and JWT) as on marketing of large multinational companies such as (PepsiCo & Coca-Cola), which has brushed me up in a modern and critical point of view regarding the images and the services that I offer to my clients!

In every “shooting” I immerse myself in a new discovery of people and their wonderful feelings!

Come to be a part of this unique experience!